You've strayed into a
no shit, dimly lit

Low Place
where shadowy figures lurk

But you've got friends here
If you're in the habit of hanging around with bar scrappin' Honky Tonkers and foul-mouthed Trayer Trash like your Momma warned you about

Our TrayerTrash theme song, thanks to a no shit damn good honky tonker, the late and great Chris LeDoux

We've Got A Five Dollar Fine For Whinin'
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Chris LeDoux (RIP, March, 2005) bio.

A classic quote from the silver screen (or early boob tube).
Stymie contemplates an artichoke
Small (under 100kb) .wav sound file. Play online or download.

Last Call Quote of the Night
I feel like I've been drunk for a week...
but I know it's only been three days.
John "Blue J" Bishop

Men's Pisser Graffitti
I staggered out of a bar and hopped into a cab.
I said, "Take me to some cheap action -- I wanna get laid."
He took me to my house!
Rodney Dangerfield

Eye Dope
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Or you can click the image to advance to the next one. About 15 seconds each gazing time on auto.
And keep in mind, NOTHING IS ACTUALLY MOVING, well, except for them worms inside yer head.

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Oh, well, alright. So maybe SOME body piercing ain't a bad idea.



A Woman Clarifies the Liberal's Concept of "Gun Control"

To a liberal, leftist, commie Democrap (but I repeat myself), "Gun Control" is best described as me being found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with my own pantyhose as being a morally superior outcome to me explaining to the police how that dirtbag sumbitch got those three bullet holes in him.

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